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Explore, play and grow at the Sarah & Irving Pitt Early Childhood Center.

We believe in a holistic approach to early education that supports a child’s emotional, social and academic development. Our philosophy is centered on the understanding that each child is unique and learns in different ways. As a result, our curriculum is designed to provide children with a range of experiences, both inside and outside the classroom, to promote their social, emotional and intellectual growth.

Accredited and trusted, the Sarah & Irving Pitt Early Childhood Center was designed to promote a love of learning and encourage exploration. Our spacious classrooms and outdoor play areas are safe, stimulating and age-appropriate, and all programs are led by a warm and nurturing staff.

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Early Childhood Center

Our programs

At the Sarah & Irving Pitt Early Childhood Center, we offer curriculum-based and enrichment-based childcare for infant, toddler and preschool age children – all of which are adaptable for a variety of scheduling needs.

This program is designed to provide a warm, secure and predictable environment in which each child’s uniqueness and developmental level is appreciated and respected. Parents may choose from two, three or five days of childcare per week.

An effort is made to duplicate the child’s home schedule by providing nap times and appropriate feeding times. Additionally, a daily log is kept for each child, which includes a comprehensive schedule including sleeping, feeding, activities and developmental milestones.

Primary caregivers have been trained to promote a relationship of trust between them and the children. A child-to-teacher ratio of 3:1 will be maintained throughout the majority of the day. Daily activities will promote each infant’s development in the following areas: fine motor, gross motor, sensory and perceptual, cognitive, language, and social. These activities are planned and integrated into the daily routine.

This program provides a comfortable and stimulating environment that encourages exploration and the development of autonomy. Parents may choose from two, three or five days of childcare per week.

Stimulating activities appropriate to each child’s age and stage of development are carried out daily. Group and individual activities are designed to enhance each child’s development in the following areas: fine motor, gross motor, sensory and perceptual, cognitive, language, and social. As each child is ready, caregivers will encourage and guide children to feed and dress themselves, and to play cooperatively as well as independently. The children also participate in outdoor play daily (weather permitting). Toilet training will be individually planned in conjunction with each child’s parent(s) once the child has reached the appropriate developmental level.

A child-to-teacher ratio of 4:1 is met in the toddler classes. Morning and afternoon snacks, and diapers are provided at no additional charge.

Our preschool classes are designed for children who are between 2.5 and 4 years of age. The program provides a wide variety of developmental experiences with daily activities led by qualified educators in each group of 16 to 18 children. In our activity centers, decision-making, social interaction, imaginative play, perception and fine-motor skills are developed as your child chooses and explores materials according to his or her individual needs.

Celebration of Jewish holidays, traditions and values are also part of the curriculum. There are unique activities, such as intergenerational programs and visits from storytellers and safety experts, and children have the opportunity to play on age-appropriate playgrounds and explore nature on our outdoor trails.

Our preschool program is also a time for growing intellectually. Circle time, stories, songs, and discussions help children develop listening, comprehension, memory and language skills. As your child’s skills develop, new experiences are added to help your child grow. Morning and afternoon snacks are provided at no additional charge.

To support The J’s mission of inclusion, the Sarah & Irving Pitt Early Childhood Center seeks to accommodate preschool age children with special needs. For more information, please contact us at (248) 432-5582. 

Our awards and accreditations

We have achieved an enhancing quality rating from the statewide program, Great Start to Quality. Programs participating in Great Start to Quality go above and beyond Michigan’s licensing requirements, including providing smaller teacher-to-child ratios than required by state licensing rules and implementing higher education standards and professional development of staff.

We’re honored to have been voted one of the best childcare facilities in Oakland County by readers of The Oakland Press.

Our team

Lauren Bogorad
Lauren Bogorad

Questions? Please call (248) 432-5582 or email [email protected].

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