Step into The J’s hidden gem.

Experience the center of community life at The Porch – a free, open-to-all gathering space located right here on campus. Whether you’re seeking a serene sanctuary for focused work, a dynamic setting for meaningful meetings, or simply a space to connect with others, The Porch is yours. And you’re welcome to use it whenever The J is open.

  • A space for everyone: Embracing the spirit of inclusivity, The Porch fosters a sense of belonging for individuals from all walks of life. Everyone is encouraged to make the most of this space – you need not be Jewish. 
  • Relax in style: Immerse yourself in its cozy ambiance, where a stylish bar, lounge area and well-appointed tables await.
  • Grab, go, enjoy: Indulge in self-serve, grab-and-go delights, and satisfy your caffeine cravings with our Starbucks coffee maker.
  • Events and happenings: From themed gatherings to networking opportunities, stay tuned for activities hosted in this dynamic space.

Ready to explore The Porch – a hub for community, creativity and camaraderie? Stop by any time. There’s no need to make a reservation.